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Personal Injury Law

What You Need To Know


For those clients that have been injured, we fight both in and out of court.

While most people immediately think of auto accidents, personal injury can be described as any bodily harm caused to a person (such as a broken bone, a cut, or a bruise or bodily injury), and for purposes of workers` compensation, any harm (including a worsened preexisting condition) that arises in the scope of employment.

Personal injury can also be any injury resulting from libel, slander, malicious prosecution or false arrest; any invasion of a personal right (including mental suffering and false imprisonment); any sickness, disease or death sustained by any person and caused by an occurrence for which another party may be held liable.


Types of Incidences

     Auto, Bus and Truck Accidents

     Airplane Accidents

     ATV and Motorcycle Accidents

     Bicycle/Pedestrian Accidents

     Boating/Water Sport Accidents

     Defective Products

     Dog Bites and Animal Attacks

     Drunk Driving Accidents

     Inadequate Security

     Injuries from Assault

     Premises Liability Accidents

     Slip and Fall Accidents

Types of Injury


    Back Injuries

    Brain Injuries



    Facial Injuries

    Fatal Injury/Wrongful Death

    Fractures or Broken Bones

    Head Injuries

    Road Burn Injuries

    Neck Injuries


Our goal is to maximize your recovery physically and fight for your recovery financially, while keeping you informed throughout the entire process. 

If for any reason you suspect an injury has been caused by the negligence of another, contact us for a consultation on your personal injury case. Although we don't accept every case, your consultation will always be free of charge.